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I believe that you might know about Error Boundaries BUT do you know how to recover a component from an error? 😌 Do you know how to survive through the pandemic?

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Prerequisite: Basic knowledge about React and Immutability in Javascript

In this post, I am going to talk about Immer, a library that makes immutability in Javascript way easier and simpler.

I assume that you already know why we need immutability. If you don’t, no worries, check this blog first 😍

🍹 Spoiler alert

If you want to make a mixed drink, pour wine and sodas into a glass, not the sodas into the bottle of wine. We call it Immutable Bottle of Wine

I let you decide why we should do that

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Prerequisite: Basic knowledge about React

When I start to write this blog, I ask myself whether I should only talk about the differences between useMemo and useCallback because they are React Hooks while React.memo is not. Eventually, I decided to include React.memo as well since on the one hand the word memo in both terminologies might sound a bit confusing for people. On the other hand, it's all about React optimization 😁

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Prerequisite: Basic knowledge about React and Refs and the dom in React

This post is going to talk about what is useRef hook and when we can use it. If you wonder why you should use Hooks, Why React Hooks Part I and Part II are just the right places for you

The first time I learned Hooks, I have so many questions that I need to look for the answers. One of those questions is how I can compare the current state/props with the previous one or handle deep object comparison in useEffect hook. …

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Prerequisite: Basic knowledge about React

This article is intended to give you an understanding of how React Hooks helps us to share common logic between components and what differences between using Hooks and other methods.

Take a look if you have not read the Part I: Complicated lifecycles

You spent 2 hours writing a beautiful functionality in your component and then just a minute later, your Boss wants the same thing … but in another component. What should you do now?

😅 Easy, I will do some copy + paste stuff

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Prerequisite: Basic knowledge about React

In this post, we are going to talk about one in a million reasons why we should all start to learn and use Hooks even though fishing is not our hobby 🐟 🎣.

If you have never tried Hooks or heard of it before, stay with me for 5 mins and you can immediately recognize the first important benefit of Hooks 🥇.

Hey Siri, set timer for 5 minutes 😋

Huy Trinh

Software developer at Columbia Road

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